Kuala Lumpur, Part 1

Last winter I found a great bargain using the Skyscanner site and flew from Zagreb to Kuala Lumpur. With my husband 🙂  What was the catch? It was the 1st of January, first day in a new 2016, and while most people were sleeping or recovering from the New Years celebrations we were at the Zagreb Airport. We landed in Doha after a pleasant 5 hours flight and had the whole night ahead of us. It is possible to get a free visa & tour of Doha if your layover is longer than 8 hours, but only during the daytime from 4am until 7pm. Heh we were supposed to land at 7.15 PM 🙁

A swim at the airport…

The thought of spending so much time at the airport, at night, when the most of the shops and restaurants are closed and all you can do is overdose yourself with Toblerone chocolate and try way too many perfumes in the Duty Free Shop, was horrifying.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE AIRPORTS, but just prefer them during the day, when there are much more things going on. So, I wrote to Qatar Airways hoping we would be allowed a free sleepover at the airport hotel, but that was not granted to us since we could have chosen a different option at the beginning, with a shorter layover. True, but our option was much cheaper this way 🙂 I checked that hotel myself, but the price was too high and I asked if we could use only the spa.                    doha-airport

And YES, it is possible!! You can use the pool, the jacuzzi, rest and sleep at the deck chairs (though they are quite uncomfortable due to their shape), take a shower and change. It was the best layover of my life!!! A bit pricey, but so worth it. When we finally landed in Kuala Lumpur we were not dead beat.

KL International Airport is an hour drive from the city centre and the best option is to grab a prepaid taxi (although our trip back to the airport in two days time made me doubt it). You can even choose a category from budget to lux car. Of course, we took the budget one and it was like an old Russian Lada. The driver drove super fast and I didn’t feel safe at all. But we made it safely.

Oh, that view…

We booked a room at the hotel called D‘Majestic Place by Swiss Garden and asked for the view facing the Petronas. They gave us the room with a nice view and we could see the towers, in a distance, from our bed.  It is not a fancy hotel, a regular Asian 4*, but from the pics the infinity pool looked great. And it was, so we spent our first few hours in KL on the top floor by the pool, admiring the city views and eating chips from the local nearby store.

When I think of that night, the first night of our two weeks long holiday, at pleasant 30°C,  I just smile and feel happy… even now writing this, at the other part of the world.  That’s why I love traveling soooo much……memories are always there and you get so many stories to tell. I am a morning person, so there is no chance in hell I would miss my first sunrise at that pool. AND OH MY GOOD! I had that place just for myself for hours….a private pool with integrated jacuzzi and the view of the city. Simply BLISS!!!
kl6    kl5

The hotel was convenietly located so we could use a few means of public transport and is was a mere 20-25 min walk to the city centre – Bukit Bintang. Our neighbourhood Pudu was at the edge of the city centre, nothing much to do there nor any major sights, but during the day it was a nice and easy walk to the city. But during the night….hmmm it was a totally different story. If it weren’t for Bozo, I would not have dare to walk that path alone.  We haven’t encountered any buggers of thieves, but unthinkable number of RATS! They were mastering the streets, crawling from every possible hole and there were so much of them. I didn’t want to admit it then, but I was petrified. And felt so relieved when we finally made it to the hotel. Of course, the next evening we used the train from the city 🙂

Bright and dirty…

I must say that KL is the city of diversity. So many dirty places and then again, some wonderful buildings and shops.


The dirtiest KFC restaurant I have ever seen and eaten at, was just 100 metres from a wonderful modern shopping centre – Pavilion, all glittering with wonderful shops and cozy cafes…Bozo’s piece of heaven when he got bored of walking and following me around in the heat 🙂 Cheesecakes and tasty sandwiches helped too heheh…. I also remember chilling in a cafe serving just sweets and drinks with mango, my favorite tropic fruit.


To be continued…

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