Kuala Lumpur, Part 2

Since we only had two days before leaving for Singapore (although we would be back for our last night before leaving for Zagreb) I wanted to make most of it. Kuala Lumpur offers a free HOP ON – HOP OFF BUS, called GO KL, which is great, cause in most other cities you’ll have to pay at least 20$ for a day ride. Also, when in the tropics, cold bus with A/C comes as a gift 🙂 So, we did two circles, both the green line and the purple line, enjoying the sights such as Chinatown, KL Tower & Petronas and passing by some first class hotels as Shangri-La, Mandarin and Grand Hyatt.


That way you get a sense where everything is located around the city, and you can easily revisit those places you prefer. Because it is a free ride many locals use it too, specially the route that includes the Chinatown and Little India, so it gets quite crowded. But then, you get to spare few $ so it is definitely worth it. We spent them afterwards on bunch of ice creams and my favourite mango smoothes. It just tastes so damn good in the heat!!

Choose your breakfast…

We didn’t have a paid breakfast at the hotel, so the first morning we decided to take a walk into the city centre and just eat „something“ along the way. Not far from our hotel, and visible from my beloved pool, was a huge bronze building called Berjaya Times Square. At the ground floor there was a Starbucks and a few others „American style cafes“ but I wanted something more local 😉 I persuaded Bozo that we enter and look for some typical Malaysian eatery or a cafe that serve „more authentic food and drinks“ then ordinary frappuccino or mochaccino. It turned out to be a 48 storey building with INDOOR amusement park (even a roller coaster) and a huge shopping centre. We got lost many times, entering the wrong elevators, but we finally found the food court, and then we couldn’t decide. Well, I couldn’t decide 🙂 I wanted this, then that and so we made circles trying to read the menus fast, before the waiter arrived and asked us to come in. I guess it took us only 1.5 hour before we finally sat at one, that looked most „local“. Bozo ordered English breakfast, of course hahahah


I did ordered something „weird“…bread crumbed cake with banana, if I recall right. To be honest, the coffee is much better at the Starbucks, and the wifi too 🙂 but at least we were surrounded with locals and I felt less of a tourist, more as a homey! Let’s admit it, I am not that big fan of breakfast anyway….

Shopping around…

All in all, I didn’t find KL as a food paradise, beside all that mango desserts and tropical fruit smoothies. But on the other side, it is a shopping mecca. You can find everything here. From all sorts of luxury brands, that I just watched from outside admiring the Christmas decorations, and many stores (like Sungei Wang Plaza) that sell „fake everything“….from Rolex watches, that I bought for a dear friend of my mine, after an hour of bargaining to Samsonite suitcases and Ray Ban sunglasses. But those mega shopping stores are sooo big and so full of the same type of shops that eventually I just get bored and have enough of it.



Bozo, of course, just sits and wait at the cafe, already knowing the scenario. I come after an hour or two …or three, sit and whine „how my feet hurt and my ankles are swollen and why for God’s sake did I wear that flip-flops??!! 🙂 ….then I get hungry and we eat that too expensive cake and I feel better.


Do I ever get bored of that, shopping & sightseeing at the new city? No, I simply love it! With all my swollen ankles and dry feet in the evening, I would never let it go. At the end, I just use Andol, Voltaren, Polar Ice and my other “friends”..



After two full days of sightseeing and some shopping we were about to leave for Singapore. The night before, I asked the receptionist to pre-order us low budget taxi that would pick us up at 4 am, since we had a morning  flight, taking off at 9 am. Yes, it is 5 hours ahead of schedule, but I like to be early and hate that feeling when I am late and start panicking. Better „early then sorry“.  Also, from experience, I knew we would probably have to wait a long time for the check-in, since the online check-in was unavailable and our flight was with a very popular low budget Australian company called Jetstar. Besides, KLIA is a quite big airport.

“Holy cows”…

Our taxi arrived on time…some old, no name Asian car with an even older driver,  a Chinese man that didn’t speak English. But he seemed nice and wasn’t driving so fast and careless like the one upon our arrival. It was an hour drive, mostly on highways and I got quite comfortable in the back seat, behind the driver, when all of a sudden Bozo screamed, so loudly that I thought, in an instant, that he was having a heart attack. I still don’t really know why I actually thought it was a heart attack?! Maybe, it was due to the sound so strange and unfamiliar to me. Luckily no, he didn’t suffer a stroke of any kind. Our car hit a cow!!! Yes, A COW, at a 120km/h on a Malaysian highway!!

A normal person would ask herself how a cow finds itself on the highway in the middle of nowhere, at night, but afterwards Bozo goggled it, and found out that it was not so uncommon in that area. Local farmers, quite poor I imagine, steal the concrete panels or fences, resell them and when the local government puts them back, they do it all over again. Since they raise cattle, animals wonder during the night and cross the highway at some points. On that specific night, around 4.30 am they were crossing the road when our half-asleep & tired, old driver hit one of them.

We think he must have fallen asleep for a bit, because he didn’t hit the break at all, so we suspect he simply did not see the cows in front of us. Since he didn’t speak English and was in a state of total shock we will never find out anyway. After the hit, we „were swinging for few seconds“ and finally stopped at the side lane. At first, we weren’t aware what hit us. Bozo was yelling „we hit the cow, we hit the cow“, but now when I think about it who would ever believe him, if it weren’t true. Poor animal was crushed in a million pieces and in such fear probably released all the food from itself 🙁  so the car, apart from being half-smashed, was full of cow sh.t!!! Dead cow lied a hundred meters from the car while the other cows, that already crossed the road were just staring at us, dumb and in silence.

Nobody was hurt and it was a bit of a miracle! Not even the driver, although the front part of the car was totally devastated, and we were not able to open the left doors of the car where Bozo sat.  We got out of the car using the right side, and I don’t know who was more in a state of shock. Me, thinking over and over again how we could get killed on a „frickin’ motorway“ in the middle of nowhere or the driver looking at his car, almost fully destroyed. Bozo was cursing angry at the driver, but the old man looked so miserable, saying something like….no insurance… that eventually we felt sorry for him, and at the end, even paid him „for the service“. There was no police, no ambulance, nobody stopped to check if we were alright. The old taxi driver just called his colleague who picked us up and drove us to the airport, so that we wouldn’t miss our flight.  He did try to apologize to us at the end, with his hands gathered in a prayer, before we left with the other driver.

I am not a superstitious person, but today I am grateful that the old guy had a small statute of a Big Buddha in the front of the car watching over us 🙂 We did make it in time and board the flight to Singapore, the city in, something like hitting the cow in the middle of highway is close to science fiction.

As for KL, we decided to leave the visit to Petronas Twin Towers, the landmark of KL, that used to be the tallest building in the world, for our last day in KL (after our trip to Thailand, but before returning back home) so about climbing it and the view from above read in one of my next post 🙂


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